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The Attic Yarn and Craftery

Welcome to our Home where Yarn Lovers, Crafters and Fanatics find a piece of Haven to nourish their desire to create.

** We are temporarily not accepting visitors due to the Pandemic**

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We aspire to provide crafters with various reasonably priced and carefully selected local and imported yarns and tools to suit their particular crafting needs.

Our selection caters to almost all kinds of projects. Please take pleasure and have fun creating with our Milk Cotton Blend, Sugar Drops, Cotton Drops, Lush Garden Blend and Milk Cashmere Cotton Blend for your wearables, shawls, scarves, toys, accessories, and home items.

Let your crafty flair create your most personal and unique masterpieces including blankets, bags, baskets, and rugs with our Fabric Drops and Monster Drops.

"With your boundless imagination... indulge and create."

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These handmade soaps, shampoo and conditioner bars are curated especially for crafters’ self-care. Made with onlynatural ingredients to benefit our skin and the environment!


Tea celebrates wellness with its numerous benefits including antioxidants, boosting our immune system, having healthier skin and staying focused and calm.

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